Extroverting for Introverts

Extroverting for Introverts

I went to my first GCLS conference this week and I got to be Leigh Hays in real time. I extrovert in my day job but the reality is I’m an introvert. I get my energy from inner resources. A room full of new people is not energizing for me but it’s not terrifying either. It’s just work.

It was my first outing as a soon to be published author and I met my new co-workers for the first time. I also met readers who I hope will one day be fans. I went to several writing workshops and did a lot of networking. There were some hits and some misses on both fronts. It was an odd and intense experience.

Doing all of this for the first time, I felt exposed. I took comfort in the fact that most writers are introverts and to different degrees, felt the same way. In a setting with so many people, it takes time to find the people you can be vulnerable with. I think I made some good choices and next time I plan to push my comfort zone even more.

I’m glad I went. But in the meantime, don’t mind me, I’ll be in the corner over here putting on my clothes.

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